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The businesses that have come to Riverbend Commerce Park are diverse and leaders in their Industry. Each tenant is a rich and rewarding asset to our community of businesses as a whole. Business life here at Riverbend Commerce Park is vibrant and stable for all involved.

Northern Idaho is an accommodating, business-friendly environment. Workers compensation premiums are among the lowest in the country. Idaho is a right-to-work state that encourages rather than encumbers business development.That same supportive spirit thrives within Riverbend, where high-tech tenants assist each other. The companies network together as a casual business association.

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Imagine finding a place that not only has the urban essentials to ensure the success of your business, but also the rural amenities to provide an idyllic lifestyle for you and your employees. Sound too good to be true? There is actually such a place, a place that has the very best of both worlds.

Riverbend Commerce Park is the vibrant nucleus of Post Falls, a rapidly growing community amidst the unspoiled natural beauty of Northern Idaho. Post Falls is located on Interstate 90 between Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, a breathtaking tourist destination, and Spokane, Washington, the business and cultural hub of the Inland Northwest.


You will find a quality of life here that we often seek but rarely find. This lifestyle is refreshing and energizing as it will breathe vitality into your people and business.


Our comunity property standards add value to your brand and show your commitment to quality. Within our community are critical resources for your business health and growth.


Enjoy the prestige and beauty of our well groomed park and coveted standards. We offer a higher quality location for your business that demonstrates strength to your customers, vendors, and peers.